Smart Technology? How about an email alert from your door lock when the kids get home from school.

We selected Kwikset SmartCode with Home Connect Technology keyless entry electronic locks for our most traversed entry doors to the home. Since the locks have  interoperability with our Control4 home automation and DSC security systems, they can communicate wirelessly with other devices in our home to deliver a variety of access and control options.

 The lock offers true remote locking and unlocking features due to its motorized deadbolt allowing homeowners to monitor and control their locks using either a Web-enabled device or their home automation system. The lock will allow us to check door lock status, automatically arm and disarm the security system, and initiate customized scenes upon entrance and exit when integrated with Control4. We can even program the locks to send out email alerts that notify us when the kids get home from school (when they get older of course) or more appropriate, notify my if my three year old opens a door he is not supposed to, such as the wine cellar.  

Using a customizable code, we can arm our home security system when the door is locked and disarm the system when the door is unlocked. Installation is simple as the lock simply replaces any existing deadbolt and operates on four AA batteries, thus eliminating the need for hardwiring. The lock even has the ability to accept automatic software updates, and all wireless communication between devices remains secure by utilizing 128 bit encryption.

 We even were able to get the locks in the antique bronze color to keep in style with the house.

I love technology.

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