Upcycled Jewelry Designs

We are always throwing away…I mean recycling…outdated electronics.  What about coming up with a more creative way to use these items.  That is exactly what the designer of Upcycled Jewelry designs does.  This designer runs a business that manages bank owned or foreclosed properties. He repairs the properties – fixing broken windows, kicked in doors and sometimes doing complete clean outs. Before hauling everything to the dump – he separates out every ounce of metal for recycling and salvages all electronics. What can’t be saved – he uses for his artwork. Computer boards, remote control circuit boards, old xray/slide film, broken window glass is all cut into different geometric shapes, sanded down and then polished to create unique earrings, necklaces and pendants.  Be sure to check out his store on etsy.com – there are some really great pieces!

Posted by: Becca

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