Happy Anniversary Green$ense!

If you haven’t already heard about Green$ense, an initiative Citizens Bank started last fall to encourage its clients to reduce paper waste, you should keep reading. After all, who wouldn’t want to use (and support) a bank that rewards you for making smart/good choices?

After a quick (and free!) enrollment process, Citizens Bank will pay you 10 cents every time you pay by using your debit card (as credit or debit), every time you pay your bills online, and every time you have an automatic payment withdrawn from your account – earning up to $120.00 a year!  Each month, the money you “earned” is deposited back into your checking account.  You also receive emails tracking your earnings from that particular month (and earnings to date) along with tips on how to live green – anywhere from tips for the home to the office to your vacationing.

According to the Citizens Bank website, for every dollar you earn after just one year, you will have saved emissions equal to more than 87 miles of driving, saved almost 4 gallons of gasoline that would have been consumed by delivering your paper statement, prevented 3.5 gallons of wastewater, saved more than 7 feet of forest and the global warming impact is equal to a week with you turning your refrigerator off!  All of this for just signing up for a FREE program!! And just in case the little things make you smile (like me) you get a very pretty ATM/debit/credit card!

According to my last Green$ense email, since this initiative was introduced last fall – it has resulted in 83,343 pounds of paper saved, 365,940 square feet of forest preserved and 794,897 gallons of wastewater prevented!!!

Now that is something I can feel good about!

Posted by: Becca

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