Eco-Friendly shopping that won’t break the bank

I, like most Americans, am on a tight budget. I’m not known for my expensive digs, but more so where I can find great bargains when it comes to clothes.

It’s no secret that eco-friendly apparel is not often for the penny-pinchers, unfortunately. While I know a lot of people out there would love to wear organic and eco-friendly clothes, often outrageous price tags send us back to the bargain bin. I’ve found a few affordable stores that offer the best of both worlds.

Levi Strauss – This company is one of the longest standing brands in the country. They’re also leading the way at bringing affordable green denim to the market. The company uses organic cotton, recycled zippers and buttons, and natural indigo dye, and their sub $70 price tag will leave your wallet as satisfied as your eco-conscious.

REI – This is one of my favorite stores. I spend a lot of time outdoors, and finding reliable gear that won’t send my bank account into the red is often hard to find, but REI does it with ease. The company prides itself on offering great product lines made from low-impact, organic and recyclable materials, and has implemented an eco-sensitive labeling system that indicated what green materials are used.

American Apparel – With a product line made almost entirely of cotton, almost 20% of the cotton they use is organic. In the next four years, the company has plans to expand that number to 80%. Check out their Sustainable Edition line. Not only are their products good for the environment, the company has also taken major steps to decreasing the company’s entire footprint by recycling fabric scrap (almost 1 million pounds per year), and installing solar panels on the roof of their LA headquarters.

There are tons of other brands and manufacturers that offer eco-friendly clothing solutions whose prices won’t have you seeing double. If you are really interested in looking good, spending less, and doing more for the environment, do your research. You’ll be amazed at what you can find.

Happy Shopping!

Posted by: Lauren


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  1. It is a great time to buy inexpensive eco-friendly products. They are becoming more and more popular and our choices as consumers keep growing. Just do your research!

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