Concentrating Solar Power (CSP) Smartly Focuses Sun’s Energy

Touting a more efficient model of solar power than the photovoltaic variety, German solar thermal company Solar Millenium AG and plant builder MAN Ferrostaal AG have united with a goal of capturing 20% of the U.S. Market for solar thermal power.

According to an 8/17 Reuters article by Nichola Groom titled, German firms create new U.S. solar thermal company, “Unlike photovoltaic solar panels, which use the sunlight to create electricity, CSP plants use the sun’s heat to create steam that turns a turbine to generate power… Solar thermal plants are capable of producing more power than their photovoltaic counterparts, and Solar Trust said it aims to build plants that are capable of generating 242 megawatts of power and up.”

The combination of the two German companies will be called Solar Trust of America LLC . The conglomerate currently has plans to build two plants in California with seven other projects in various stages of approval.


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  2. Solar Thermal energy seems to have the deepest penetration so far in America. More people own a Solar Thermal system than Solar PV. This may be because a mixture of the cost as well as complexity differences between the technologies. At Moonworks, we utilize a Solar Hot Water System created by Schueco.

  3. I was wondering/hoping that these would surface soon! I have seen a short film on the system in Spain, and just love it! Like ants under a magnifying glass!

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