Swim for the River

Last weekend I went to upstate NY to go white water rafting on the Hudson with my family.  The Adirondacks are breathtaking and after spending the day on the Hudson you remember why you should leave the city life every now and again. 

Every time I go down the river, my knowledgeable guide gives me and the rest of the rafters different facts and history about the river and the area we are in.   This weekend I learned about Swim for the River, the documentary of Christopher Swain’s 315 mile swim down the Hudson. 

In July 2004, Swain swam the length of the Hudson hoping to raise awareness about water pollution.  In his online diary, he chronicles his daily swims, the different area’s water qualities and the educational talks he gave to the local communities.

This was not his first swim and wasn’t his last.  He has swam the Columbia River, the Hudson, Lake Champlain and the Charles River (in chronological order).  This April he began TOXTOUR – a 1000+ mile swim down the Atlantic coast to Washington DC.  Along the way he will be helping launch projects designed to help our oceans in over 2000 classrooms.

If you get a chance to check out his documentary you definitely should – it might make you think twice about what you can do to bring light on this important issue.

Posted by: Becca


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