Is your home polluting our water?

Yes, as answered by a new study that was presented at the 238th National Meeting of the American Chemical Society. The findings of the study (per Science Daily) are alarming, pointing out that the effect of runoff water into municipal storm drains actually contributed to 50% more pollution than believed in the past. 50% is no small variant percentage!

The runoff water, including rain and garden/lawn water, is a significant contributor to the as it flushes pesticides and other pollutants used to keep our homes looking beautiful into other bodies of waters, including lakes and rivers. This pollution is directly linked to the death of fish and “loss of aquatic species diversity”. Though the research evaluated residential neighborhoods in California, researchers believe the results are indicative of other areas of the country.

Obviously, we have no power over Mother Nature’s rainfall, however we can make better selections of products for lawns and gardens, and modify other behaviors that can mitigate this pollution. Here’s a few:

  • There are a number of organic selections for lawn care that are less toxic, but will still keep the weeds away while keeping the grass and your family healthy.
  • When landscaping, select plants that have low requirements for water and fertilizers, and that do not attract pests.
  • Spread mulch on bare ground to help prevent erosion and runoff.
  • Slowly water the lawn and garden. Trickle irrigation is more effective than sprinklers and over-watering causes increased run-off.
  • Clean up after your pets! An easy way to prevent your loyal companion’s waste from contaminating surface water.

For more tips to prevent pollution caused by runoff water from your home, check out some of the EPA’s do’s and don’ts.

Posted by: Katie

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