CEDIA EXPO’s Green Initiatives

expo_right_imageThe Custom Electronic Design & Installation Association (CEDIA) is holding its 20th annual CEDIA EXPO next month in Atlanta. Until recently, the focus of CEDIA was entirely on designing home entertainment and automation systems that delivered the highest level of audio and video quality possible. That’s still the case, but green principles are making their way throughout the CEDIA organization and its substantial membership.

For the second consecutive year, registering CEDIA EXPO attendees have the option of donating $5 to CarbonFund.org, which describes itself as the nation’s leading nonprofit provider of carbon offsets and climate solutions. The funds will offset emissions generated by attendees traveling to the show. Last year, CEDIA members’ donations went towards CarbonFund.org’s reforestation projects.

A gigantic component of CEDIA EXPO is education through CEDIA University. Dozens of courses are offered on-site to attendees who are looking to enhance their knowledge. In the past, lots of courses meant lots and lots and LOTS of paper was used to print course participant guides. CEDIA has been moving away from paper and towards electronic versions of course material. Once again this year, pre-registering attendees will have access to free electronic course participant guides. The printed versions will be available for a fee either before the show or on-site.

Finally, new this year will be two new elective courses as part of CEDIA University’s Electronic Systems Designer college. The first is a three-course on Thursday morning called “Getting into Green: Understanding LEED and Green Building Programs.” Describes CEDIA:

The one sector of the residential building industry that is currently experiencing solid growth is the design and construction of environmentally conscious homes. There are currently two programs that certify a home’s true environmental impact: The United States Green Building Council’s LEED certification and the National Association of Home Builders’ Green Building certification. This three-hour course will give a detailed discussion of each program and where ESCs can make a direct impact on the project. At the conclusion of this course, participants should be able to compare and contrast LEED and Green Building certification programs, identify areas within each certification program where their company can make an impact, and identify whether or not Green is a viable business opportunity within their company.

The second is a free, three-hour Thursday afternoon panel discussion with CEDIA’s Green Action Team that is available to all attendees. The panel is entitled “How to Make Money and a Difference in the Green Building Industry.” Again, in CEDIA’s words:

In the last year, the home construction market has nearly come to a screeching halt, with new home builds at 1945 levels. There are, however, opportunities within the electronic systems contractor industry, and many of them revolve around the building or remodeling of energy efficient homes. This three-hour panel will discuss these opportunities as well as the threats, from a well-rounded perspective. Participants in this discussion will come from various backgrounds, including architects, builders, and CEDIA member companies with extensive experience in this type of project.

In addition, numerous manufacturers on the show floor will be talking green, energy efficiency, and environmental consciousness.

While green is not top of mind yet in the general CEDIA community, it’s definitely getting there. See for yourself at CEDIA EXPO 2009!

Posted by Joe Paone


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