The NFL Goes Green… Slowly

nfl-logoWith the football season upon us, I decided to check out the green programs of the NFL’s 32 teams.

As a lifelong Philadelphia Eagles fan and season-ticket holder, I’ve grown accustomed to the Eagles’ green messaging and programs. They’ve been at it very vocally for a few years now. So I assumed all of the NFL’s teams were just as vocal about it.

Boy, was I wrong.

By no means is this a comprehensive study, but I quickly scanned the web sites of all of the NFL’s teams, as well as, and I found a total of just five sites that had any easily accessible links to their teams’ green and green-friendly programs.

Here’s what I found. The links take you directly to each team’s green page on their site. Perhaps as the season draws closer, these programs will be updated. There’s still a definite 2008 vibe on the sites, so hopefully some of the info will be updated in the coming weeks.

EaglesGoGreenPhiladelphia Eagles: My beloved Birds run a variety of green programs. They appear to be the model for NFL franchises in this regard so I encourage you to check their site out. The team suggests fans offset the carbon emissions they generate by traveling to games through the purchase of trees in the Eagles Forest, located in a state park in suburban Philadelphia. The team even shows you how many trees you should buy depending on how far you travel to the games. The Eagles also have gone solar at their practice facility and offices, offer a green calculator for fans, and make it convenient to recycle on game day (and they remind you to do so frequently on their gigantic video screens). View all of this as penance, perhaps, for the team’s signing of Michael Vick, which has so many people up in arms.

PackersGreenTeam215Green Bay Packers: Well, they’d better be thinking green, considering the word is part of their name. Last year, the storied franchise introduced the Packers Green Team program, which is focused on “using renewable resources and other sustainable practices on game day and every day at Lambeau Field.” The Pack has partnered with the Wisconsin Public Service’s NatureWise renewable energy program to power Lambeau Field on game days. Additionally, it has made it easier for fans to recycle, and is using more environmentally friendly foodware in the pricier seats. Perhaps some solar seat warmers would be in order for the bitterly cold days when the legendary Lambeau tundra is frozen.

Indianapolis Colts: The Colts and Budweiser are encouraging fans to recycle on game days in order to raise money for an unnamed “local environment-based charity.” “Fans caught in the act of recycling will receive free Colts merchandise.” Hey, every little bit helps.

go-green-headerOakland Raiders:  On the football field, the once-formidable Silver and Black have frequently been the league’s laughingstock in recent years. However, in the environmentally-sensitive Bay Area, the bumbling Raiders would seem to have an edge on the neighboring San Francisco 49ers in terms of green. They have teamed with Firm Green, a privately-held integrated energy company that “is involved in identifying, developing and commercializing new and emerging technologies, and alternative fuels that promise to play an increasingly important role in the world’s energy mix.” The Raiders are serious about recycling and offer fans a carbon footprint calculator.

Houston Texans: The NFL’s newest franchise is proud of its recycling program. As it should be.

Now maybe I’ve overlooked some things, and maybe there’s new stuff of which I’m unaware. If I’ve missed an NFL green program, I encourage fans, or the PR staffs of the team or the league itself, to let me know, and I’ll gladly update my post!

Finally… Go Iggles!!!

Posted by Joe Paone

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  2. Hey, great post, very well written. You should blog more about this. I’ll definitely be subscribing.

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