Designing a Staircase that says Coastal New England with Reclaimed Woods

8.12.09 - StairsCombining the artisanship of master woodworkers and the vision of creative designers, Hardwood Design of Exeter, RI works collaboratively, from concept through completion, to create a staircase of incomparable beauty, shape, and form. Their staircases are simultaneously an aesthetic, architectonic, ergonomic, and cultural element. Hardwood Design works with the finest woods available yet remains ever-vigilant to the fragility of our environment and practices sustainable forestry. Hardwood Design dedicated itself to sustainability before it was trendy… and long before it was a market in its own right.  They are true woodworkers and approach each of their projects as a conservationist. 

Purely and simply, Hardwood Design  is sustainably green.

The company’s sustainable process includes:

  • Use of “Reclaimed Lumber” whenever possible8.12.09 - Stairs (2)
  • Use of “Managed Forest Hardwoods”
  • Use of 95% water-based paints and adhesives
  • Responsible Waste Removal Practices

The company’s sustainable business model includes:

  • Use of Hybrid automobiles for travel to site meetings
  • Use of Diesel powered Delivery & Installation vehicles
  • Programmable Thermostats to control plant HVAC systems
  • High Efficiency lighting, and efficient electric motor starters

This was the beauty that attracted us to them and why we chose Hardwood Design to design, create and build our staircase which is a focal point in the beauty of our home. With treads made from 200 year old reclaimed yellow pine and a handrail from the matching wood milled to hug the curve of our open foyer, my expectations for our finished stairwell design is absolute breathlessness.

Here are a few photos of the stairbodies as they were installed, you might be able to get a peak of the treads but we have them well covered for safety but be sure to stop back for finished photos as you get to see me staining them with our zero VOC finishes. I am not sure we will do anything with this in terms of LEED-H points, but we’ll see.

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