Abby’s Blog – Kids Helping the Earth: Wild Maine Blueberries

This is the time of year, at least where I live, where all the best local fruits and even veggies can be had. Yesterday my mom came home with 2 quarts of organic Maine wild blueberries. If you haven’t had these then you’ve really never had blueberries. Maine Wild Blueberries are tiny, I mean really, really tiny (like the size of a pomegranate seed). They have so much flavor and they are super sweet. They are awesome in pancakes and muffins, they are also really good in blueberry pie, in waffles or french toast, mixed with cottage cheese, sprinkled over vanilla ice cream or yogurt, or even eaten out of a bowl.

Here’s some tips if you are going to go pick them:

Choose only the berries that are completely blue with no hint of red, blueberries don’t ripen after they have been picked and avoid any blueberries that are soft, moldy, or watery. A container that is stained or leaking are signs of berries that are past their prime. Once you get home, do not wash them until you eat them (this is true of strawberries too!) Water makes them go bad faster. Store them in a hard plastic container with a sealed top and you could keep them in your fridge for up to 2 weeks or a year in your freezer!

If you’ve never had them, go hunting.  This website has a long list by areas of Maine to go picking.

Have fun!

posted by Abby, age 6


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