Energy Efficiency, Lighting and Entertainment Integrate to Show Green and Technology Can Co-Exist

Green Life Smart Life - August 2009Green Life Smart Life™ has named the technology partners who will assist in creating the path to LEED®-H Innovation and Design points for  Energy Management, Energy Monitoring and Green Wiring. With energy efficiency as the foundation to the selection process, every electronic device was reviewed in terms of annual wattage, load requirements and integration with other subsystems before finally approved by the integration and design team.  The home has been structurally wired for a state-of-the-art whole house video, music, lighting, security and Internet but uses 50% less wire and materials than a project of comparable size of scope, making it both eco-friendly and efficient. 

The Green Life Smart Life home will feature the latest in lighting and HVAC control, security and surveillance, energy management and state-of-the art distributed entertainment.  Project highlights include:

  • An overall home control, energy management and entertainment solution provided by Control4.  Utilizing the Control4® Operating System to consolidate into one platform and automate major subsystems such as lighting, HVAC, security and climate control, the Control4 platform will use a ZigBee enabled device to bridge data from the utility meter to the home control system.  This energy management solution will feature:
    • Load shedding allowing homeowners to power down high energy consuming appliances during non-use period and schedule down times for max efficiency.
    • Single button trigger solutions for easy programming of sequenced power on and off scenarios throughout the home, including a “green” feature.
    • Communication system to monitor feedback from all electricity loads in the house with real-time analysis of usage and savings.
    • Occupancy, temperature, magnetic, and timed sensors as well as a self-activated “away” mode every time the security system is armed to ensure maximum energy efficiency, especially when the home is empty.
  • Integral in minimizing the home’s energy consumption, Lutron HomeWorks lighting control system will be programmed to include a high-end trim of 85% for every connected light in the house and features automatic control of motion and occupancy sensors.
  • From music to movies and pictures to TV programming, the home will feature the latest in entertainment technology from Control4 and include an n9 Media Center server from Niveus Media.
  • Whole home audio means all of your music is centralized. The home will manage their music via the NuVo Essentia E6G, the first and currently only whole home audio system to earn the coveted ENERGY STAR® rating.
  • Security and surveillance means safety for your family – Green Life Smart Life will incorporate Black & Decker automated locks through Control4 for complete protection of the home.
  • The three flat panels in the house will be affixed to the wall with OmniMount’s new OmniLite Series mounts – made from recycled materials and using minimal component parts without sacrificing quality or safety.
  • Wired to meet the standards of the CEA TechHome Rating System, Leviton’s structured wiring solutions allowed the home to be outfitted for current as well as future needs.
  • To help earn LEED points in Indoor Air Quality, an H-P Products’ VACUFLO system with Hide-A-Hose will be installed in the home.

 From centralizing the control hub to eliminating hundreds of feet wiring to specifying low-VOC conduit for future accessibility, Robert Saglio Audio Video, in cooperation with the builder and homeowners, will help create standards for future electronic systems installers to potentially achieve LEED-H points and ensure that the homeowners reach their optimal energy consumption goals.


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  2. HVAC systems are really helpful to make yourself a lot more comfortable in your house or even in your office space. This is really an environmentally friendly system that would really cut-down the cost of your energy consumption.

  3. It is essential to know on how to save up energy at home. With this, it is better to use energy saver appliances and install energy efficient system like HVAC to save up more energy and thus reduces your consumption bill.

  4. This was very interesting. Having something that is eco friendly to supply you energy is very important. Geothermal heating and air conditioning is one way to heat and cool your home or business while still thinking of the environment. The Department of Energy (DOE) and the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) have both endorsed Geothermal Heat Pump systems as among the most energy efficient, environmentally clean, and cost effective systems for temperature control. Not to mention, you can receive a tax credit up to 30% for purchasing one.

  5. Wait, is that one house in the picture? At first I thought it was townhomes. It doesn’t seem quite fair that you have to be able to afford a million dollar home to have this green technology integrated into it.

    What was the environmental impact of the land they cleared, or the lumber they used for such a monstrous house? I wonder if it would have been better for the environment to just build a smaller house.

    • Hi Scott,

      Thanks for the comment. It is one home – this house is part of an affluent community development on the RI coast. This project was never meant to showcase what you MUST do in order to build a green home but rather a large sampling of things you can do. You absolutely do not have to build a million dollar home to have green technology. In fact, our key tech sponsor, Control4 provides entry level solutions for energy management that are both affordable and reliable.

      The land was purchased by the homeowners and the single home that was standing on the lot previous to this home was beyond repair. It was infested with mold and did not have a sound structure. The project managers and homeowners have done absolutely everything they can to ensure stewardship of the land during construction, including a comprehensive waste management plan that is currently diverting almost 90% of the construction waste from the landfill. I don’t know how familiar you are with building construction but I can tell you that those numbers are almost unheard of.

      We believe in green – totally and completely. Part of that for us means understanding that people have different lifestyles. No one is going to stop building large homes and criticizing those who are attempting to show that you can build a larger structure and still utilize energy efficient materials and sustainable designs to minimize harm to the environment isn’t necessarily a helpful step in living a more eco-friendly future.

      Thanks again for the visit – we always invite discourse on what we’re doing.

      Green Life Smart Life

  6. thanks ashley, point taken

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