Back to College: Campus and Academic Guides for Sustainability

I can’t believe it is August. Summer has flown by and “Back to School” readiness and promotions are well underway. While some college students prepare to report to class and campus, high school-ers are looking look to narrow their scope of institutions to apply to. Over the past few years, more and more students are looking at higher-learning institutions that breed environmental awareness, and offer curriculums and policies that parallel their green ideals. The Princeton Review and Kaplan College Guide, two well-respected and long-time resources for college-goers everywhere have releases their annual lists of ranked colleges and professions, now specifically dedicating ratings for environmentally responsible colleges and careers.

Kaplan, know for its preparatory testing and comprehensive guide books, now offers a list of the top 25 “green schools and professions” based on a range of criteria including: environmentally responsible campus projects; initiatives and courses offered; organizations and student groups on campus; and achievements noted in the Sustainable Endowments Institute’s College Sustainability Report Card 2008. Kaplan’s list highlights schools whose “efforts reflect a commitment to long-term sustainability and to encouraging students to make better choices”. Kaplan also offers a listing of the 10 hottest green careers that compares undergraduate students’ selections with growth of global industry.

The Princeton Review takes its research a step further, by assigning actual rating scores (60-99) to surveyed institutions based on everything from energy use, recycling, food, buildings, transportation, and academic offerings, among other categories. The Princeton Review JUST released its second annual 2010 Green Rating Honor Roll that was developed in cooperating with ecoAmerica, the Reviews rating project examined three main criteria:

  1. healthy and sustainable quality of life on campus;
  2. school’s aptitude of preparing students for employment and citizenship in a world defined by environmental challenges;
  3. and, overall commitment to environmental issues.

If you, or a student you know, are looking for resources to begin researching sustainable careers and institutions, take a look. Also, two thumbs up to neighboring Massachusetts who had 3 colleges/universities achieve top rankings on each of the lists. Keep up the good work and share your secrets with Rhody!

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  2. If interested in additional info, just sighted a Green Buildings’ post by Joshua Saunders with additional info – “US Colleges Set a Green Course” –

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