Buy Local…and yes, we practice what we preach

Our office is right on Main Street and with its bright yellow paint job, it is a magnet for people walking/driving by to come in (despite the No Solicitations sign we had mounted on our door).  Most of the time I kindly say no but sometimes, they luck out and say just the right thing and make a sale; or at least get an appointment to come back and give us their whole spiel.  On this particular day, this very friendly man from Crystal Spring came in with some water bottles and asked us if we would consider switching our water cooler vendor.  Over the 9 years I have worked here a lot of water companies have tried to get us to switch from Poland Spring.   We have had water purifiers set up in trial mode, we have had taste tests…we give everyone a fair shot, they just don’t win out. But I figured – why not give him a shot?

We made an appointment for him to come back for a taste test in a couple of weeks when everyone was going to be in the office – we like to make these kinds of thing a group decision.  Two weeks later, the Crystal Spring guy arrived with his bottled water samples.  After carefully marking the cups so we knew which was which, (even adding a little hot Poland Spring to the cold to make it more like the temp of the other water)  the taste test began.  Tests were in and it was 2 to 2….hmmm what to do….damn the 5th person who was out sick that day!! The water guy knew we were up in the air and gave us our deciding factor “We are a local company right out of Middletown, RI.”  And that was it…we were sold. Why not support the local guys if we can?  Not only do we get to say Buy Local and really mean it – we also got a huge savings on our monthly bill.  So bye, bye Poland Spring, hello local Crystal Spring

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  1. […] that changes in this office we put whatever we are changing to a test (see previous post of changing our water).  For a week we had one side of the toilet paper dispenser sporting the Seventh Generation brand […]

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