Local Students Take Initiative To Help Red Sox Be Green

Last week, I found myself sitting with my younger brother in Pavillion Club seats at Fenway Park, watching our beloved Red Sox take on the Oakland A’s.  Enjoying an all around fantastic night, I reached for my empty beer cup, previously filled with Sam Adams Summer Ale (yum) and was greeted by a young guy in a green shirt. 


Can I take that for you m’am?

Yes, he m’amd me which was unfortunate but redeemable because he then explained, holding up his large plastic bag full of cups that he was a member of the Fenway Park Green Team.  The Green Team is a group of volunteers from local universities, sponsored by groups like Poland Spring and Waste Management, who show up at every Red Sox home game to collect every plastic cup in the park to be recycled.   The Green Team also helps educate fans about the importance of recycling and going green.

“Poland Spring is proud to work alongside the Boston Red Sox to help create a cleaner Fenway Park through the implementation of the Poland Spring Green Team,” said Andrew Schopps, Senior Presence Marketing Manager for Poland Spring. “We will continue to work with the Red Sox to support this great initiative and find additional ways to help reduce environmental impact for future events.”

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