USPS Unveils NYC’s Largest Green Roof

One of UPS’ most popular slogans was “What can brown do for you?” Perhaps the United States Postal Service’s slogan could be, “What can green do for you?” after its installation of the largest green roof in New York City.

The move comes hot on the heels of an announcement earlier in July that it would replace many vehicles in its fleet with alternative fuel-powered vehicles.

USPS picked one of its most notable facilities to receive its very first green roof: the Morgan mail processing facility is just a few blocks from Penn Station on Manhattan and became a historical landmark in 1986. Built in 1933, its 2.2 million square feet features a nearly-2.5-acre roof that was designed to handle additional mail processing and could thus support 200 pounds per square foot; when USPS decided to replace the roof two years ago, it determined it would be strong enough to support a green roof.

USPS expects the roof will last 50 years, greatly reduce the amount of contaminants in the building’s storm water runoff, and help USPS achieve its stated goals for reduction in energy usage.

It’s also meant to be a nice place to visit, although there’s no official word yet on whether employees or visitors will have access to it. Says UPS:

Safely perched seven stories above the city, the Morgan green roof offers a spectacular panoramic view of midtown Manhattan and the northern New Jersey shore. Its 14 orange-hued Ipe Brazilian wood benches are made from lumber certified sustainable by the Forest Stewardship Council. Native plants and trees include Calamagrostis, a lush, maintenance-free grass.

Sounds like the best place to be besides Central Park on a sweltering summer day in Manhattan!

Now if only USPS could preemptively recycle my junk mail…

Posted by Joe Paone


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