Unorthodox “Being Green” Tip #2: Buy a Goat


“I also give a mean shoulder rub.”

Our first tip was a matter of personal grooming prodding men to “Grow a beard,” in order to cut down on the landfill, water and other waste affiliated with shaving. Now we have a eco-grooming tip for yards.

The majority of lawnmowers used in the U.S require gasoline, oil, plastic and metal to be fabricated and operational. Noise pollution from combustion engines and malodorous exhaust fumes emanate from neighborhood backyards during the lawn season like a swarm of humming electric mosquitoes. Now, imagine for a second if that cacophony of annoyance was replaced by the gentle bleating of goats?

Crazy you say? Tell that to multi-billion dollar company Google, which in May of this year, hired a S.F. based company called California Grazing to send a herd of 200 goats to “mow” the property with their teeth and fertilize along the way.

Laurel Haven, a goat farm in South Carolina offers a detailed description of proper goat care techniques, a disclaimer on the website specifies these tips are for the care of Nigeria Dwarf goats, so know your goats heritage to offer the best care. Rather than provide all aspects of goat care, below are few bulleted statements taken directly from Laurel Haven’s website:

Tips for Maintaining your Goat Mower:

  • Goats should have hay available to them throughout the day, free choice. We prefer a mixture hay of Alfalfa, Timothy & Orchard grass.
  • Goats are “browsers” and should be allowed to rummage for grasses, leaves, weeds & bushes.
  • The more common yard plants toxic to goats are: oleander, azalea, castor bean, buttercup, rhododendron, philodendron, English ivy, chokecherry, laurel, daffodil and many members of the lily family.
  • A goat hates to get wet and needs a proper shelter to escape the rain, snows and wind.
  • Goats love to jump and play king of the hill. Stumps and logs make great play toys, along with the large spools used for cable etc.
  • You should never have a single goat, for they are herd animals and will become very lonely. At least have a pair. The more the merrier.
  • A goat will usually let you know if something is wrong, be it they are sick, unhappy, or just bored.

The best idea is just to buy a book about goat husbandry to make sure this is an informed, feasible. When it’s time to retire the goat mower, simply employ one of these recipes for a delicious, eco-friendly tribute.

Posted by: Nick


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