Unorthodox “Being Green” Tip #4 – Bring your own To-Go Container

Restaurants have their own ideas about portion sizes, often heaping plates with piles of nourishment that far exceed the recommended portion size for a typical adult (or a plow-wielding oxen for that matter). Unless you’re into gorging, taking leftovers home is a given. Sadly, most “Doggie Bags” are still of the murderous Styrofoam variety which cannot be recycled and 50 percent of the time, sit in the refrigerator, uneaten until tossed a week to a month later.

The thought of bringing Tupperware into a fine dining restaurant is tacky. Fortunately, the focus is more on quality  as opposed to quantity anyways so patrons are more inclined to eat everything they are served. However, a family visit to one of the glutton-friendly chains is the perfect opportunity to bust out a reusable container for leftovers, whether you scrape the plate yourself or ask the server to do it. It shouldn’t be a big deal since they are saving on overhead material costs.

Your best choice is obviously to dine at locally -owned restaurants that prepare locally grown food and prepare a meal that can be eaten in one sitting. Since that’s not always an option, bringing leftovers home in your own container is a positive step.

Fortunately, the concept is just as valuable for your morning cup’a’joe. Refill an insulated, reusable coffee mug on the way to work. Not only will you reduce waste but your caffeine fix will stay colder or hotter longer.