Simple, White, or Ornate… The wedding can still be green.

Nothing says excess like a wedding. Amongst my group of 30-somethings there are a slew of brides-to-be planning away and most have opted for the path more extravagant and less eco-friendly. From the always-a-bridesmaid, never-a-bride blogger who cannot imagine the to-do-lists of a bride, the excess does become a bit overwhelming. But, it is refreshing to find that brides who are looking for more simple or simply more environmentally conscious options, have an equally long list of solutions from which to choose. Every last detail, from ceremony to the dress (did you know Project Runway winner Christian Siriano does indeed design ‘green’ wedding gowns, without the Kelly hue?), to the favors and invites, is offered in a number of classic, environmentally-friendly options when planning your nuptials.

Even if a wooden ring and all-natural celebration is not quite what you are looking for, there are some eco-tips that can also serve as common sense reminders that will save guests and vendors from unnecessary hassle.

  • Website: Keep paper usage (and printing costs) down by aggregating all event information on one wedding site. It is a great reference for guests for all-things-wedding and offers great personalization options, including “story about us”.
  • Recycled Paper: Assuming digital invites is not an option, recycled printing materials (and ink) offer a great option. It’s a no-brainer for the environment and some materials offer their own stylized enhancement.
  • Confetti: What was once rice, became confetti and bubbles. If you do not want to break ritual but are concerned for the environment, look for water-soluble, biodegradable confetti. No harm done and no cleaning.
  • Transportation: Minimize the amount of driving guests do by planning mass transit between the ceremony and reception. In the city, you will save them $$ on parking, and create great group photo opps.
  • Registry: In addition to selecting items that complement your lifestyle, do not register for unnecessary items. Guests may be better served giving donations in your name.
  • Flowers: Locally grown flowers and bridal bouquets can still be gorgeous.

I thought I’d share my favorite web find – Great Green Wedding ideas and directory

Posted by: Katie


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  1. These are fabulous eco-ideas! Another great “all-eco” wedding resource and boutique is Dream Green Weddings (

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