Third Wind Turbine in Portsmouth Fuels Gusts of Civic Pride

Earlier this year, GLSL documented the installation of a major wind turbine aimed at taking the municipal buildings of Portsmouth, RI off the grid and ultimately using the blades to spin a profit. Equally motivated by eco and bottom-line awareness, Hodges Badge, a private, Portsmouth, RI based company with roots dating back to 1920 and annual sales topping $10 million recently installed the third wind turbine in Portsmouth.

Unless you’ve been to a 4H fair or Westminster dog show recently (both Hodges customers), you may not have realized the market for ribbons, trophies, medals and other award deliverables. Hodges Badge is a worldwide leader in the manufacture of these products and many more with awards they’ve created presented on six of seven continents (sorry Antarctica) and a staff of close to 150 employees. Forward thinking has always been a strong suit, now more so than ever.

According to a blog post on the company’s website:

 “After several years of research, Hodges has decided that it is time to move ahead with a project that will not only generate 100% of our power using the wind but be a great step to help the environment… Although construction of the turbine would be at least a year away we are still excited at the prospect. In its lifetime (25+ years) the turbine will reduce CO2 emission by 10,000 tons and return at least 30 times the energy required to manufacture it. That’s pretty substantial.”

For more information on wind turbines go to The Wind Energy Association website.

Posted by: Nick


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