Abby’s Blog: Kids Helping the Earth – Moving and Donating

This is the week we move. My parents sold our house on Middlebridge to prepare for our move into the new house.  We are temporarily moving into a condo my parents own until our house is finished so my mom was insistent that we clean out our toys and determine what we had either outgrown, didn’t like, was broken and what we just didn’t play with anymore. Let me tell you this is a lot of work.

My mom and I started with organizing all my toys (and my brothers). All of our toys come with a lot of pieces and my mom thought that if we made piles and found all the pieces then we’d know what toys were in good shape and what toys were broken or had missing parts. This meant we had to find stuff in my room, Max’s room, my doll room and our playroom. This took FOREVER and was so BORING. But I did find two Barbie shoes and Sleeping Beauty’s crown. Once the pile of broken toys was assembled we then took all my favorite toys and put them in my toy chest so they could move with us to the condo. This part was easy, except when my mom kept saying “We can’t take everything.” I did decide to take my Bitty Baby and most of her clothes; my Barbie princesses and Thumbelina; my walkie talkies; my dress up collection; my Dash game; and of course my animals.

Once we did that, mom started packing. I consider myself lucky that I didn’t end up in the boxes. My mom was pretty insistent that I donate some toys that I had gotten too big for or that I just didn’t play with. When we were all done I had a bunch of boxes and baskets that were getting packed away but I also had three big bags of toys that are going to the Salvation Army.

Going through your toys is a good way to help reduce and reuse. I take good care of my things so when I donate them other kids get things that are brand new to them.  And same thing for me, over the years I’ve gotten hand me downs that have ranged from a kitchen set to a bike, and now I get to share them with someone else. You can do this too!

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