Green Mattresses

If you’re truly going green, it should, if possible, be a 24/7/365 thing, right? You want to make a full, holistic commitment to the cause.

Of course, you have to sleep sometime. So, for the earth’s sake, why not explore the world of green mattresses?

Traditional mattresses, even when they’re super-comfy, are full of chemicals that are harmful to the environment.

The mattress industry is all over this. No doubt they see green as a great marketing opportunity as much as a matter of environmental responsibility. Which makes the mattress industry much like other industries these days (and that’s a good thing!).

You now can acquire an organic latex mattress through many venues, both online and at retail.

One company, Quilting Inc. of Plain City, Ohio, has even registered the URL The site has a ton of information and certification about its line of organic mattresses.

FloBeds of Fort Bragg, Calif., offers The Green Mattress. You can read about it here.

MyGreenMattress is another company that offers 100 percent all-natural latex mattresses.

But what if you are allergic to latex? At least one company, Keetsa, makes a mattress with eco-friendly memory foam!

So if your old mattress is beat, or if you just want to make a change by voting with your dollars, your green mattress selection is large and readily available!

Posted by Joe Paone


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