Abby’s Blog: Kids Helping the Earth – Using Fallen Trees

This week a tree fell in our yard. It was a huge oak tree. It landed on the playset my parents got for my third birthday. It also crushed two Adirondack chairs that were my mom’s.  My mom and dad walked around the tree and were trying to understand what happened and why; they also tried to figure out the clean up. So I suggested maybe we could make something from the tree. My mom smiled and said she was wondering the same thing. So we did some research.

We had a local carpenter come look at the tree and he determined that it was an oak tree that was approximately 180 years old. He said the wood was useable if we had it cut in lengths and the milled on the grain (we have a local company that called Liberty Cedar that will do this for my parents). The wood could then be used for building shelves, cabinets or furniture.

I just thought this was a great way to save tree that otherwise would have been chipped and sent to the decay pile. I’ve learned a lot about trees and the forest as my parents have been building the house, and I know using a fallen tree is the best way to give it a good life.

Posted by Abby: Age 6


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  1. Hi Abby,

    SO sorry to hear about your playground. I remember how excited you were when you saw it for the first time. The video was SO cute 🙂 and you were so happy. I’m sure you will have a new playground at the new house.


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