Installing Speaker Brackets – Not So Green, But Cool Nonetheless.

DSC00091Now that all of the recessed LED cans are in, I can finally map out all of the locations and begin installing the rough-in speaker brackets before the plaster goes up. It’s important to wait for any recessed lighting to go up first before installing speaker brackets to that they can be properly alinged with one another and not look idiotic once the plaster is done.

I chose to do this part myself because, although it’s time consuming,  it’s not overly difficult and I have a background in electronics. Also, I want to feel like I did something to contribute to the building of this house. I don’t recommend this for everyone because there are certain things to consider.
1. Alignment: this is imperative. I used string to align the centerof the speaker brackets with the center if the recessed fixture I was aligining it with. Often times I had to cut the plaster strapping to accommodate the bracket and other times I couldn’t align it with any recessed fixture so an alterntive and complimentary location had to be chosen. This was the case in Abby’s room where the fan in the middle of the room as well as two HVAC registers came into play. In the end I chose a location that was offset of both of these but still provides a good sound field. I sure hope it looks okay once the plaster goes up.
2. Wiring: Did you run 2 conductor or 4 conductor wire? If there are two speakers in the room are they being run in parallel? Little things like this can make the process of installing speaker brackets tedious. That’s why I recommend using a professional A/V installer. A great place to start when looking for one is the Custom Electronics Design and Installation Association (CEDIA). CEDIA is a trade organization that acredits installers  to make sure they meet or exceed certain levels of criteria ensuring, at the very least, that you are dealing with someone who is certified to install consumer electronics equipment in your home. Being that we live in Rhode Island we don’t have a large field of installers to choose from, but we were lucky to find our own CEDIA certified installers; Robert Saglio Audio/Video.

DSC00092For speakers we chose Newport Audio. Are they “green”? No. Do the kick ass? Yes, yes they do. Newport Audio is the sister company to California Audio Technology (CAT). CAT makes, in my opinion, the FINEST loudspeakers known to man. Every CAT speaker is custom made in house in Northern California. Like the second label to a first growth Bordeaux house, all of the expertise and passion that goes into the flagship trickles down at a fraction of the cost. The Newport speakers aren’t custom made per order, but all the technology that goes into them is proprietary; from the crossover to the voice coil. And these things want to be cranked! The paper cones and plastic drivers of many conventional in ceiling speakers are only meant for low level, ambient music. Throw the Newport’s in a back box and give them some real power and you’ve got yourself a real speaker capable of some serious dBs.

What’s the green message here? Um, there is none. Whole house audio is pure, unadulterated fun. I can’t wait to throw our first party in the new house and let the system crank.

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