Abby’s Blog: Kids Helping the Earth – Farmers’ Markets

Every Saturday, from May through October, my mom and I head out for the Farmer’s Market held at local Casey Farm. My mom has a pattern. Seven Stars has the longest line so head over to Zephyr Organic — they have great veggies and fruit, and this time of year, if we get there by 9:15 we still have a chance of getting some berries….last month strawberries, today raspberries, in two weeks blueberries. Then we cross the grass to hit up Casey Farm for things like eggs, tomatoes and kalorabi. The next line over is sometimes a stop for sausages, pork chops and even bacon. Then we go to Olga’s for our weekly wheat loaf and our treat which ranges from lemon pound cake to chocolate strawberry scones. Today we even went to Susanna’s Berry Farm for homemade ice cream and brought hometheir vanilla bean, dark chocolate andtoasted coconut ice creams. Sometime we stop and get cheese, maple syrup or jam but it ds if we need it. My mom also goes to Matunuck Oyster Co for littlenecks and oysters. There are lots of other stops too, but my favorite part is helping my mom pick it all out and knowing the great meals she will cook all week which always kick off with our Sunday breakfast.

In RI, for your local farms, check out Farm Fresh.

posted by Abby, age 6


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