Celeb Jet-Setters, Not Exactly Walking the Eco-Walk

To preface, I do not believe in “all or nothing”. I understand that there is a balance somewhere in between dedicated environmentalists and blatant eco-ignorance. Every little bit helps, right?! So, while I normally think “hypocrite” is too strong of a descriptor for most people, I have to nod to Private Jets Magazine’s recent article noting “9 hypocrite environmentalist celebrities”. Wow.

Interesting that a publication whose jet-setting readership and advertising patrons likely includes some of the celeb clients the article calls out, but hey! Take a look at the environmental negligence allegations against some of the most “dedicated” and out-spoken eco-friendly (or so we thought) celebs:

  • The Truth is Very Inconvenient for Al: Al Gore was the poster child for global warming, right?! Wrong. “Gore’s 20 room, 8 bathroom mansion consumes more electricity in a month than the average American household consumes in an entire year.  His natural gas bill averages over $1,000 a month for his mansion and guest house.  Add in the private jet charters to accept various awards and attend debuts of his documentaries and Mr. Gore may have to denounce himself soon for his impact on the environment – right after he gets that patent for the little thing he invented called ‘the internet’.”
  • Madonna: In addition to the gas-guzzling automobiles in her garage(s), the carbon dioxide produced from the travel of her private flights on her latest “Confessions” tour exceeded 440 tons (compared with the average CO2 emitted by an individual of 10 tons per year).
  • Travolta’s Jet Obsession: The licensed pilot owns five private planes.  During one of his intercontinental trips, Mr. Travolta landed his plane to refuel in Ireland and it was revealed that he was the only person onboard the 150 person capacity jet. 
  • David and Victoria Beckham: With over fifteen cars between them, their international jet-setting tallies over 18 tons of CO2 per year. 
  • Tom Cruise: Private jets = family taxis

I understand that there are places to go and people to see, but there must be a way to off-set some of these excessive behaviors and means of travelling. Maybe John should become a commercial pilot in his down-time, or Al reevaluate his home to employ an energy-efficient automation system and products? These allegations and emissions calculations are staggering

Here at GLSL, we do not believe in sacrificing your entire lifestyle, but slight behavior modifications (in these cases) might not be too much to ask. There is a vast land of happy medium that these “environmentally-friendly” celebs need to explore.

Posted by: Katie