Going Green with Vinyl

This isn’t one of those lame, lazy “vinyl LPs are making a comeback” posts. The many people of many ages who love vinyl and the superior sound quality it brings are still buying it, still listening to it, still savoring it, and we’ve been doing it for years. There’s no news in that.

But what about all of that unloved vinyl out there? Those Trini Lopez and Lawrence Welk and REO Speedwagon records, gathering dust and cluttering up basements, attics, garage sales and flea markets across this great nation. There are only so many hipsters, DJs, collectors and audiophiles out there, after all.

How about recycling and reusing old 33 rpm LP and seven-inch 45 rpm vinyl? Some crafty manufacturers are doing just that.

Olive Barn, an eco-friendly garden and home retailer based in Houston, offers snack bowls made out of vinyl. Here’s another, more clever variety!

Etsy, a craft community e-commerce site, is a virtual repository for creative recycling of vinyl LPs. Here’s a slightly more esoteric variation on a vinyl bowl, with coasters made of album jackets thrown in for good measure! More coasters here!

For the fashion-curious, here are pendants made of vintage vinyl!

Or how about a clock, so you know what time it is, boyeeee! Supposedly you can get the 45 rpm version at Target, but I can’t vouch for that.

At the very least, you can melt old vinyl, reshape it and turn it into wall-hanging or tabletop sculpture yourself. My ex-girlfriend and I were doing this 10 years ago, when we were, um, bored…

Posted by Joe Paone

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