Green Building Perspectives: OmniMount

OM logo_final_CMYK_EPSFor this week’s installment of Green Building Perspectives, we spoke with OmniMount, who will be outfitting the home with the company’s revolutionary OmniLite product. The OmniLite Series is the first environmentally friendly flat panel mounts by a major U.S. manufacturer. The eco-friendly OmniLite Series™ packaging is designed with installation instructions and a mounting template printed right on the inside of the box, giving installers everything needed to mount a flat panel. Both the product and packaging are made from recycled materials and minimize component parts without sacrificing quality or safety.

1.     What do you think of the Green Life Smart Life Project? What interested your company in the GLSL project?
The GLSL project serves such a worthwhile philosophy that OmniMount could not pass up the opportunity to get involved. As a society, a culture and a planet, we all need to start living today in a way that protects tomorrow.

2.     Where does your company/organization see green building going in the next 5 years? 
What we’d love to see in the near future is that the entire building process – from the first blueprint to the last nail – takes sustainability into account. There’s no reason why it shouldn’t. Eco-friendly products and solutions are available for just about everything so there’s no reason why we shouldn’t build in a way that respects the Earth and protects its resources and viability for generations to come.

3.     How do you see your business/organization evolving to address green building?
At OmniMount, we have embraced more and more eco-conscious initiatives to do our part, as both a company and as individuals. It has become increasingly important for us to offer products that are truly sustainable and offer builders, architects and installers green mount and furniture solutions to adhere to their green buildings and conscientious client-base. To do our part, OmniMount has adopted new processes to lessen our carbon footprint including: using fewer and recyclable materials in our products; using minimal packaging; printing instructional materials on the box so there is no need for extraneous manuals; among others. We are working smarter and conserving resources, all while maintaining the highest quality and integrity of our products.

OL125FT Black Fixed Lifestyle - Hi-Res

OmniLite OL125FT

4.     What challenges do you see your company/organization facing in the evolution?
Like any business, it is our responsibility to do what is right for the environment and our families, while making sure that we meet other business goals at the same time. The good news is that developing products that adhere to this philosophy achieves both. While it is challenging to initiate the change, it will ultimately prove to be beneficial. It may not be the easy way (at first), but it is the responsible way.

5.     Do you think green practices/manufacturing will ever dominate your business/organization?
I think any company, including OmniMount, would like to say “Yes”. Every company sets goals, how quickly we can reach them is another question all together. What we at OmniMount can say is that we have placed “green practices” front and center in our prioritization.

6.     What do you think custom CE installers need to do or prepare to do to take full advantage of the green movement?
Like any other trend or change in consumer behavior, it is important for them to be aware, to care and to be proactive. There are plenty of eco-friendly solutions out there that are (often) competitively priced, are readily available, and that do not complicate the installation process. It takes little time and is quite easy to move their businesses towards eco-friendly products and solutions. It all starts with the awareness that custom CE integrators are knowledgeable, available and eager to help promote a smarter, greener way of life.