Dave DeSimone: Why he makes me want to be a better person

Have you ever met someone that instantly made you want to be a better person, to do more, to search out better ways of living? Dave DeSimone is just that kind of guy.  I had the pleasure of meeting him a few weeks ago at a restaurant where I waitress when he came in for his bon voyage dinner with his wonderfully supportive parents.  As his parents gushed about him and his upcoming journey, (he got to get a few sentences in there every now and again) I learned about Biking for Balance (B4B) – a nationwide, nonprofit cycling project focused on spreading environmental consciousness.

Dave loves exploring and has traveled across North America and throughout Europe and Southeast Asia.  He has wanted to do this cross country trek since March 2005, while looking at a road map and realizing just how much of America he hadn’t yet seen.  The opportunity to submerge himself in so many unique experiences with different people, terrains, subcultures, food, music, beliefs, history and knowledge excited him (reminds me of  the documentary television series Long Way Round/Long Way Down series that starred Ewan McGregor and Charley Boorman). Taking him a little over three years to find the perfect timing, conquering obstacles such as finances, and after a break in schooling fell into place, Dave found the perfect cause worth riding for and he set out to fulfill his quest.

Dave and his friend, Nick, were leaving in two days to start a 3 month/5,000 mile trek from St. Augustine, FL to Seaside, OR (Check out his route here)  – traveling across 14 states in 14 weeks!!!  Along the way they would be raising awareness (and funds) for environmental issues and helping to support the Center for Environment and Population– a non-profit organization that focuses on how environmental issues such as biodiversity and climate change are linked to human population factors.

Visit the website (www.bikingforbalance.org) to check up on Dave and learn more about B4B. Read his blog and follow him along his journey. He invites anyone to join him along the way for a bike ride across your town or longer if you feel up to it, or even just to meet up for a drink.  If cycling isn’t your thing or he isn’t passing through your neck of the woods, you can also show support by emailing/texting him or making a donation to his cause.

I think everyone is starting to realize that their lifestyles need to be modified to protect our earth and that every little bit helps. Whether it is riding across the country on your bike to raise awareness, or doing something as simple as switching to paperless statements.  I might not be able to ride along with Dave but I will help by spreading his story to my little world.

Posted by: Becca

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  1. Hi Becca. Thank you so much for the support. It was a great trip and we really did appreciate the kind words and motivation from all sources along the way. Knowing people were spreading the word and pitching in on their own really made it worthwhile. Thank you for that.

    We made care packages for anyone that helped us along the way. Although the trip was two years ago, I still have one for you but never knew how to get it to you. Please e-mail me (davedesimone at gmail dot com) if you get this so I can give you a T-Shirt and DVD of the trip.

    I hope you’ve continued to travel and explore. All the best.
    -Dave D

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