E-Waste – How to Combat this Growing Problem

As most business would be crippled without computers, businesses will often upgrade for performance reasons every couple years. But what happens to the old computers when their “tour of service” has come to an end? Truth is, most end up the landfill.

I found this company called All Green Electronics Recycling, a dull service electronic recycler and collector. They have the capacity to process up to 100 million pounds of electronic waste (e-waste) per year.

All Green Electronics Recycling has over 100 free drop off collection points throughout California, Nevada, Washington, Tennessee, North Carolina and Florida, and free pickup in 12 states.

Their goal is to take unusable electronics and ensure that none of the hazardous material ends up in a landfill. Whole e-scrap is shredded down to pieces which are less than 2 inches in diameter. They are then separated into products that can be sold, such as iron, copper, aluminum and plastic.

Now old office computers usually have a lot of private information on them. To ensure that your materials are totally destroyed, the All Green Electronics Recycling provides every client with a 100% data destruction guarantee.

Unfortunately they don’t pick up in Rhode Island – yet. But for you RI residents, visit the Rhode Island Resource Recovery. They offer free recycling of old electronics. And if they don’t accept it there, they can tell you where to go to responsibly discard of your old electronics.

Posted by: Lauren


2 Responses

  1. It is such an important issue Lauren. As technology changes ever more rapidly, we inevitably upgrade to latest models and are left in a quandary about what to do with the old. I only have to think about the number of mobile phones and computers that I have been through since the nineties.

    I notice that your article mentions ways for people to recycle in the USA, so for those readers that are in the United Kingdom, make sure you locate a WEEE compliant drop-off point and e-Waste recycling plant such as remployecycle.co.uk

    • Thanks for the comment! Mobile phones can definately create to the e-waste problem, especially with the “new every two” programs that many providers run. Before throwing out your old cell phone, or even recycling it, check with your local domestic abuse shelters (In the US the Coalition Against Domestic Violence opperates nationwide) to donate your phone to an abuse victim in need. A lot of places like this will refurbish old phones and give them to a person who is starting over or needs a way to contact authorities if they are in danger.

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