Abby’s Blog: Kid’s Helping the Earth Native Strawberries

In RI, June means a few things.

The end of school, in my case that isn’t until June 26 thanks to snow days.

The beach opens, in my case we’ve only been once because it won’t stop raining.

The strawberries come in. Oh they’ve been so good. Last weekend, we got them from local Healey Farm on Saturday. We got them from Schartner Farm on Sunday. We got them from the Farmers Market at Marina Square on Tuesday. We got them from  Belmont on Friday. And yesterday we went to the new Farmers Market at Lippit Park on the corner of Hope  St & Blackstone Blvd in Providence.

We’ve eaten them right our of the container (washed from my mom’s water), strawberry shotcake made by my mom, cut up in my cereal and in my yogurt. But that bite of a fresh sun-warmed strawberry picked off the plant right at the farm is the best way to eat them.

They are so good. Go find your local farmer’s markets (here’s who has them in RI) or go and pick your own at the farm. Strawberry eating time is here.

Posted by Abby age 6