Celebrity Eco-ographies: All aboard

Standing in line at Whole Foods this morning, I noticed Cameron Diaz gracing the cover of Vogue as June’s queen of green in the publications’ green issue. Diaz has been an outspoken advocate for sustainable living for many years, most notably supporting Al Gore in his efforts while promoting “An Inconvenient Truth” and to introduce the SOS (Save Our Selves) campaign for a climate in crisis. Most recently, Ms. Diaz was quoted, “The Planet needs a publicist.”

There are a number of celebrities, and “common-folk” that have put their money and time where their mouth is to promote more environmentally and social-friendly causes over the past few years. While we sometimes hear even the most dedicated eco-conscious advocates eschewing new-comers to the green scene, I say, “the more the merrier”! Diaz concurs. Her eco-ography on The Renewable Planet’s site expressed, “If [everyone] just changed one aspect of their life, if they just did one thing differently, that alone is a step closer to solving the problem.”

Check out her profile, as well as some other do-gooders, on Celebrity Greenography. I was definitely surprised by some of the names and impressed by their initiatives… it didn’t hurt that I got my celeb fix for the week, either.

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  1. Nice info, useful for me… thanks very much… 🙂

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