Green Building Perspectives: Light, Sight and Sound

In this week’s Green Building Perspectives, we spoke with James Montgomery of Light Sight and Sound, the lighting design company for the Green Life Smart Life project.  

What do you think of the Green Life Smart Life Project to date? What interested Light Sight and Sound about participating the project?

Green Life Smart Life is a brilliant project and a natural for us to participate.  Hands down, our interest was peaked with the overwhelming benefit of readily available green lighting techniques and products that I knew would support the project. And of course the money – that it would save the home owners.  What did you think I meant?  Keep all the green for us?

Where does your company see green building going in the next 5 years?

Being “green” will no long be a trend or a movement; it will be a given!  Everyone will resoundingly see the value, benefits and the no-brainer approach to saving money while being environmentally responsible.  Frankly, as I get more and more into “being green” myself with my family and our home, I can honestly say that we’re capable of doing much better for little to no effort, all while saving money in the short and long run.  It’s humbling and I’ve got to say a bit embarrassing to admit that living well doesn’t need to be in lieu of responsible environmental considerations.

How is your company evolving to address green building?

Since early 2008, Light, Sight and Sound Interiors, Inc. has had a devoted division addressing eco-friendly technologies called AmenityGreen™.  With so many rapid changes in the lighting and home automation world to provide practical energy saving amenities, it was obvious that this was the logical path.

What challenges do you see your company facing in the evolution of green building?

A few of the challenges which are interesting are how certifications for the various management organizations are evolving and finding passionate talent to help grow our AmenityGreen™ division.  Also, as technology continues to progress at a pace that makes products more and more affordable and attainable for so many, we are finding it necessary to make time to research new products and solutions.

Do you think green practices will ever dominate your business?

Practicing “being green” has already changed us and will most certainly morph into a standard for our product offerings and design solutions throughout all divisions of our company and become second nature.  We just hope nature can keep up. 

Anything else you would like to add about the green building market or the Green Life Smart Life project?

Green Life Smart Life is more than a project; it’s a collective consciousness and transformation that’s time has come.  Be green, white, black, brown or what ever color it takes to realize that the future of energy conservation, eco conscious living and practical time and money saving solutions has already arrived.  Leading by example, homeowners Joe and Kim have made great strides with their wonderful new home for a Green Life and Smart Life.


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