Yes, You Really Can Get a LEED ID Point for a Washing Machine

Ever since my blog about how to choose a LEED provider and my mention of the LEED ID point for the Washing Machine, I have received numerous comments and emails on this topic.

So, to clarify for everyone, yes you can get a LEED ID point for a washing machine and here is why and how:

You can receive a point under Energy & Atmosphere EA 9.2 for a Water-Efficient Clothes Washer if you install a washing machine with a modified energy factor of >2.0 and water factor of < 5.5 and if your washer  is ENERGY STAR labeled.

The way it works is the point is credited to LEED EA 9.1 and 9.2 in the prescriptive path but if you are taking the performance path, as we are, you are forced to skip EA 9.1 and 9.2.  

Because our house is going through the ENERGY STAR rating and the washing machine input does not affect the energy model in the performance path, it becomes an optional ID point we can take under LEED Innovation & Design Point 1.2.

And that is how you get a LEED ID point for a washing machine.

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