On the Hunt for Organic Cooking Classes

Last night my girlfriends and I attended a cooking class at The Cambridge School of Culinary Arts. I highly recommend it if you are looking for a girls night out and what made it even better was that the class was ”5 Ingredients or Less”! Right up my alley. The only thing that could have possibly made the night a bit better would have been a glass of wine to ease my (self-imposed) angst about cooking (it was worse with the anticipation of knowing I’d have to do it in FRONT of strangers). All in all – best friends, great food, and knowledgeable, patient, and enthusiast instructors.

The experience was obviously a success (for me) because this morning I started seeking out more cooking classes. This time, I thought I’d investigate local organic cooking classes and seminars. For the record, I’m not expecting that the classes to vary too significantly, but maybe provide a wider selection of healthier choices and ingredient selection. If you didn’t know already, Rhode Island is known for its culinary aptitude, thanks to a high concentration of Italian (Federal Hill!) and Portuguese heritage in the state (okay, maybe that’s not factually why, but I think so!), as well as the presence of one of the most noted culinary institutes in the nation downtown, Johnson & Wales University. All things considered, I am actually a bit disappointed that my search did not provide many promising leads.

One great find – The Green Grocer in nearby Portsmouth, RI. Among the list of yoga classes and other activities, the store is hosting a “Simple, Delicious & Nutritious Whole Foods Cooking Class” on July 12th. A little info on the class:

Join Jessica for a fun and informative afternoon cooking classes and get some great ideas on making your meals simple and healthy.  As a certified Holistic Health Counselor, she will not only provide some great new recipes, but give you valuable information on the nutritional benefits of the food she cooks.  Her focus is on removing unneeded sugars from the diet, and eating local whole foods.  

I think I might have to check it out. Any other recommendations for organic-centric cooking classes in the New England area?

Posted by: Katie