Get the Greenest lawn in the Neighborhood


Husqvarna's Solar Powered Lawn Mower

Time to buy a new lawn mower? How about trying out a hybrid mower? Or even better and electric or battery operated one? Maybe Dad needs one, it would be a great belated fathers day gift. I got my weekly email from MNN and they have the inside scoop on some possible future lawn mower tax breaks. If you can hold out on buying one, you may get 25% back on your taxes if you purchase a low or no emissions lawn mower. Its all a part of the Greener Gardens Act put together by three congressional delegates from Vermont.
googlegoatsOr you can do one better and hire goats like Google. Yep, Google doesn’t pay landscapers to trim their grass, they rent goats from California Grazingto come in and have a little snack at their Mountain View Headquarters. It takes 200 goats, one border collie named Jen and one week to finish the job, but the benefits out weigh how long it takes; The goats fertilize as well as “mow”, they are quoted as being “much cuter to watch” than landscapers and lawnmowers, its GREAT for the environment and it costs the same if not less to rent goats instead of hiring a lawn mower.
And don’t forget, if you need to fertilize your lawn don’t go out and buy expensive chemicals to sprinkle all over your yard, start your own compost pile and make your own super healthy soil to feed your grass.
Cheers to keeping lawns super green!

Posted by: Ashley (intern)

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  1. I just wrote about eco lawn care choices. I like the solar power option, but for those who still want to do the work themselves…

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