Brushing Your Teeth with Soap?

That’s the idea behind Tooth Soap. The product has garnered great reviews, Natural News has given it the Editor’s Choice Award, and Green America has certified Tooth Soap as a Green Approved product.   

According to the Tooth Soap website, Research proves that using pure soap is the best thing a person can do to improve dental health. Tooth Soap cleans teeth and gums perfectly, removing oils and other contaminants from the teeth so that teeth can re-mineralize from nutrients in the diet.

Here are the facts about tooth decay:

  • Areas of decay in the tooth structure are caused simply by the calcium and phosphate ions leaving the tooth.
  • The acids and toxic waste products leach these minerals right out of the tooth and they go into the solution in the saliva — saliva normally has high concentrations of calcium and phosphorous in it when a person’s diet and everything else is healthy.
  • When these calcium deposits leave the tooth structure and they’re in solution what’s to stop them from being re-deposited? Well, in reality they are being re-deposited.
  • When a cavity is forming some of the calcium and phosphorus ions are going away and some are being re-deposited.
  • If calcium and phosphorus are going away faster than they’re being re-deposited, then the cavity is getting bigger.
  • If calcium and phosphorus are being deposited faster than they’re being leached out of the tooth, then it is healing.

The soap-cleaned crystal will enamelize better and build more perfectly. It is a given in making crystals in the laboratory that the solution they are made from must be free of all undesirable impurities, to get the beautiful perfect facets.” So you can see how important it is to brush your crystals (teeth!) with a product that is free of impurities. Interestingly, plaque, which is a poorly formed crystal stuck to the bottom of the enamel, is prevented and eventually removed by brushing with soap.

Made with all natural ingredients, Tooth Soap is not only dentist approved, but it is Mother Nature approved as well.

It is proven that good dental health leads to a healthier you. I’m still not sure if I would want to put soap in my mouth (regardless of how natural it is), but it is a very unique and interesting topic.

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  1. Great blog, keeping me from working, I really interested to know more

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