The Green Pizza Box

I’m not big on pizza except in dire culinary emergencies, and when I do order a pie I always hate dealing with the box. Rhode Island won’t recycle the darn things, they’re too big to fit in my fridge, and I hate tearing them down and getting crumbs everywhere. Plus, it’s just offensive… all that cardboard ending up in a landfill somewhere. Boo! If it weren’t for the boxes, maybe I’d order more pizza (or maybe not).

Anyway, I stumbled across this bit of awesome innovation: A “green” pizza box that turns into plates and a storage unit! At the very least, you’re getting a bit more utility out of the corrugated cardboard before it ends up in the landfill…

Posted by Joe Paone


One Response

  1. As neat an idea as this is, it is NOT green. When grease hits a pizza box, it is NO LONGER RECYCLABLE and goes straight to a landfill. Ask any waste management/disposal facility that recycles. The grease ruins the recycled cardboard slurry and therefore has to be thrown in a landfill. This product simply spreads MORE GREASE over the box making it LESS RECYCLABLE! If you want a real green solution, go to They have a 100% biocompostable pizza tray and biodegradable/recyclable plastic bag system that is 100% GREEN! The tray is made from 100% sugar cane fiber and turns into compost/mulch in 9 months. Grease or not, it doesn’t matter. The bag has a biodegradable additive that if it doesn’t get recycled, it will degrade within 3 years. NOTHING sticks to the plastic material so grease is not an issue in recycling there. The green box is neat but NOT GREEN! Sorry.

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