How much we pay to contaminate the Planet


Where is Erin Brokovich when you need her? I was scrolling through Treehugger and found one of these stories that just piss me off to no end. I call stories like this a spill and screw, kinda like chew and screw but worse. So this company Brown & Bryant agreed to hold some dangerous chemicals for the Shell Oil Co. Brown & Bryant held these chemicals in a warehouse on a peice of land they owned with Union Pacific. But then Brown & Bryant was shut down because an environmental investigation revealed some unsavory practices, and the toxic chemicals leaked and contaminated the land and the groundwater. So who is in charge of cleaning up this 42 million dollar mess? Brown & Bryant, duh. Oh wait no, they were shut down because they’re evil so they don’t have to pay. Well then obviously the Shell Oil Co., it was their chemicals and they are legally responsible for making sure that they are stored properly. Actually no, they don’t have to pay because apparently they tried to tell Brown & Bryant to take proper care of the chemicals. The Supreme Court let them slide, even though they knew the chemicals were being stored improperly. Hmm, who is next in line? Union Pacific, they owned 19% of the land on which Brown & Bryant was located, they are in charge of cleaning it up right? WRONG. They might pay a little bit, but guess who gets to foot most of the bill? The government, aka us. Just pump $42 mil of tax dollars into someone elses toxic mistake that’s helping destroy the planet. Just let these toxic companies know its okay, we’ll pay for it. We don’t dont even like this planet anyway, once we screw this one up we’ll just go get a new one. OH wait…

Posted by: Ashley (intern)


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