Eco-Chic is the New Black

We’ve all heard a variation of the cliché, “One man’s junk is another man’s gold.” Well now, it’s not just another man’s junk that can be turned into gold, you can take things you might think are disposable and turn them into stylish and “eco-chic” décor around the house or office.

In a recent slideshow/article, author and “Eco-style Guru” Danny Seo provides 25 Eco-Chic Ideas for Your Home, a few of which are included below taken directly from Mr. Seo’s piece.

2.) Sweater Seats – Cozy up a set of chairs by reupholstering them with pieces from outgrown or thrift-store sweaters. (Directions are included for this project and who among us doesn’t have old sweaters sitting in the closet that would serve a higher purpose comforting our backsides while we dine?)

8.) Glass Food Containers – When heated, plastic containers can break down and leach chemicals into food. Reusable, durable lidded glass ones … are safer for your family and the planet. Use them to store leftovers or dry goods like pasta and beans. (To drive home the point, you should NEVER use plastic in the microwave and if you want to scare yourself about the risks our bodies face because of plastic exposure, read The Plastics Revolution by Washington Post contributor Ranit Mishori)

12.) Cork Trivet -They don’t just keep your wine from spilling and spoiling; corks can also protect your tables and countertops from hot pots and pans. (Great for wine drinkers who like to keep their corks as a reminder. An interesting picture of a cork trivet is included on the slideshow but I think they could be made more handsome, maybe with a more natural binding mechanism.

23.) Carpet Coasters – Replacing carpet creates an enormous amount of waste — about 1.75 million tons a year in the United States. If you have to install new carpet, save leftover bits from both the old and new rugs to turn into fuzzy coasters to protect your furniture from errant drips. (Can I offer you a shag coaster for your glass of Tang?)

So look around the house and think twice before sending seemingly disposable household items off to the landfill. After all, repurposing “junk” into something useful and stylish for your home is as much about your creativity as it is about helping the environment.

Posted by: Nick