Eco-Tips for a Cleaner and Healthier Bathroom

I found myself completely overwhelmed when staring down the aisles of Home Depot at the endless options a homeowner or builder faces when selecting materials. I was “helping” a friend redo the bathroom and though he was less than concerned with my hunt to identify greener options (I’ll rate him at about a 20% general eco-rating, but becoming more aware), I was astonished at how difficult it is was to find the company’s “Eco-Options”. Next time, I’ll try the Green Depot, a Northeast based company that Ashley keeps talking about because, for the general consumer looking to make smarter choices, options were slim.

Even though the eco-conscious building supplies mission was a wash, I started thinking of ways to make the bathroom a greener room in the home without a coat of Kelly or towels made from organic materials. Tiny Choices had posted an article with recommendations to maintain a green(er) and cleaner bathroom.

Here are a few of the tips that I thought could be easily be integrated into my Spring cleaning and daily routine:  

  • A spray a day keeps the chemicals away – Keep a bottle of natural solution (white vinegar, water and lavender oil, others) and spray the shower after every use to ward off mold, hence the need for chemical cleaners.
  • Take the baking soda out of the frig and into the bathroom – it’s abrasive qualities make it perfect to scrub the tub and sink with.
  • Open the door/window – Give the family and neighbors a free concert, all while letting moisture out to prevent mold.
  • Aerator in your faucet. A few dollars will go a long way in water savings.
  • Turn the water off while brushing your teeth, washing your face, and shaving. Teach your family to do the same… habits begin young.
  • White vinegar as a glass cleaner. Squeaky clean without streaks. Mr. (Green) Clean will be proud.
  • Use razors with replaceable heads or switch to a straight-razor. The second suggestion is slightly scary given my (comatose) morning state, but either is a better choice over disposables.

Posted by: Katie