Abby’s Blog: Kid’s Helping the Earth…Anti Litter

Last Sunday, my mom and Ashley took me and my brother Max to the beach. It was a beautiful day and though the water was FREEZING, we played in the sand, ate a picnic lunch (and lots of snacks), and had a great time. When we went to leave, my mom carrying all of our trash from the day with her, I noticed the huge amount of trash that had littered the beach up near the pavilion. It was blowing onto the beach and I went to pick it up. My mom and Ashley started talking about the mess people had made and I asked her why did people just leave their trash behind, and my mom said, “I just don’t know honey.”

It made me so sad. I always pick up my trash. I always put it either in recycling or in the trash can. I don’t put it next to it. I don’t put it on the ground next to the car when I get in. I don’t drop it on the sidewalk when I am walking.  I don’t expect other people to do it for me. I care about the earth and I am only five.

My mom said some people just don’t care. But I do. Do you?

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