Saving trees while saving $Green$

Have you ever gotten one of those supermarket circulars and you get all excited to save some money and then you only find 5 good coupons, you use one and the rest expire in your wallet? Ever wonder how many trees are chopped down so that millions of us can do the same thing? (If you want to find out just how much, and read about another coupon alternative check out Joe’s blog post on rethinking the coupon clippage)

Well, if you are the proud owner of an iPhone then I have found another substitute for clipping paper coupons, and its super easy. The Coupon Sherpa is a new iPhone app that lets you search for coupons, save them, and then when you’re paying at the grocery store they can actually scan the barcode from your phone. It saves time, trees and MULA!! (Check out Ecoscraps for a tutorial video and some words from the Coupon Sherpa’s creator)

Posted by: Ashley (intern)