Green Tech: A Solar-Powered Home Theater

Green and technology don’t seem to be complimentary concepts. In fact, when most companies discuss green tech they focus on recycling and end of lifecycle for CE products. People wonder, how can you be “green” and have all electronics plugged in at the same time?

They can’t imagine a home where you can be environmentally responsible and have a flat panel… where you can conserve energy and do so through a system that also controls your lights automatically top ending your light at 85% to save energy and money!

Every day we see new gadgets, gear and technology come onto the market that support the premise the living green and living smart aren’t mythical ideas.

If you’re the director of the Home Theater Specialists of America (HTSA) and you want to send a message of environmental responsibility, you install a solar powered home theater. The HTSA, a national association of home theater dealers, is now offering a “self-sufficient” solar-powered home theater package to homeowners. This video shows how they do it. The theater in the video runs on solar energy from four roof-mounted panels that produce an aggregate of 700 watts per hour. This theater , which has a 100-inch screen, Sharp projector, six SpeakerCraft in-wall speakers, Integra AV receiver, Lutron lighting, and a Universal Remote Control could run for up to 19 hours straight without having to access electricity from the power grid.

This is a pretty good way to bring green and tech together.

It’s not saving the world but if you can and want to install a theater, not needing additional energy is at least a responsible step forward. In thinking about installing electronics for the Green Life Smart Life house one of the pieces we are working towards is overall management of electric loads. The smarter you are in determining how many kWh you are going to need allows you to determine where you can either eliminate loads or generate renewable energy to offset your guilty pleasures. We’re not installing a theater, but we do intend to have electronics and our home will be the greenest in Rhode Island.