Real FSC Wood Decking is Green and Good for 50 Years

accoya-wood1The wood for our FSC deck was milled this week and we started the front porch installation while Titan Woods was in town to make sure everything with the project went as smoothly as possible.

Accoya® wood by Titan Wood is a proven “new wood species” that is made only from FSC-certified sustainably sourced wood. Once the sustainable wood is harvested, it undergoes an acetylation process that alters its actual cell structure by transforming free hydroxyl groups into acetyl groups. Because this “modified” wood absorbs 80 percent less water than does conventional wood, the wood is substantially more stable, lasts much longer and requires far less maintenance. Additionally, the acetylation process makes the wood indigestible to fungi and pests, which don’t even recognize it as a food source. The use of Accoya wood will help the project gain half of a LEED-H point in the category of Materials & Resources, exterior decking and contribute to the overall percentage of FSC wood used in the home.

Locally-owned Liberty Cedar is milling the wood decking. They will be dressing this to a normal deck board profile (dressed 4 sides with eased edges) for use with tiger claws, rather than slotted for use with Eb-tys, in order for us to have a hidden fastener system, which is way better for little toes and overall style.

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