Abby’s Blog: Kids Helping the Earth – My Earth Week

Earth Day was this week and we got to do a bunch of fun projects for school. My two favorites are my Earth Book and our recycling craft.

For my Earth Book (See my picture) we cut out construction paper. Our book had seven pages, and each page was a different color. The first page had a big cicrle and you can see all of our cut out designs. The first page is a tree cut out, the second page was a wave, the third page was the sun, the fourth was mountains and the fifth page was the sky. Our teacher then asked us to list ways I can save the earth. This is what I put on my list:

1. Recycle

2. Plant seeds

3. Don’t waste

4. Re-use

5. Tell people to recycle

Recyled Castle and PrincessMy second project was really fun. My teacher asked us to create anything we wanted out of our recycling. I made a castle and a princess. I used a strawberry container, a plastic cup, a soap dispenser, a straw, a vitamin water bottle and scraps of paper to decorate them. I love putting the pieces together like a puzzle and being proud of myself that I did it. See what you can make from your recycling container this week and then give it to someone you love or someone who needs to smile.

Recyled Castle and Princess

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