Points and Beauty for Roof Tiles in a LEED Home

Building a green home takes a lot of effort and determining just what products meet the standards of being environmentally preferable and also helping us get LEED-H points is not always easy.  Roofing was one of those products.  We needed a product that would meet all of the energy efficiency requirements of the home but also had to be rated Class 4 for impact resistance, have the highest ratings for straight line wind testing at 110 mph and have a Class A fire retardance rating.


Most people start the roofing process by looking at asphalt shingles; there is nothing environmentally friendly about a product that uses petroleum, has a 20 year life span at best by the ocean, and cannot be recycled. Asphalt was out and we honed in on metal and composite roofing. I really liked the look of metal roofing but was unsure it was the right rood for our Oceanside, New England cottage style home. The summer cottages of RI usually have either cedar shingles (a look I didn’t want) or natural slate (a look I wanted but could neither afford nor was very eco-friendly). We did our homework and at GreenBuild we saw the composite slate tiles; it was love at first site. roofing-abbys-roof-full-view


We selected the DaVinci EcoBlend roofing tiles in a beautiful Weathered Gray color. They are perfect for our home. The products have been rated by the Cool Roof Rating Council (CRRC) to reflect sunlight and heat away from the home. Meeting the initial qualifications for a Cool Roof indicates that DaVinci EcoBlend products meet or exceed initial ENERGY STAR® program requirements for 25 percent solar reflectivity (in  LEED-NC this would get you up to 2 points for the  7.2 Heat Island Effect). We have our first walk through for our ENERGY STAR portion of our LEED testing the week of May 4th, we have selected to go the performance route as opposed to prescriptive path for ENERGY STAR and expect the roof to contribute to our E&A score based on the shingles solar reflectance and thermal emittance.roofing-abbys-roof-closer


A Cool Roof is measured by two properties, solar reflectance and thermal emittance. Both properties are measured from 0 to 1. The higher the value, the cooler the roof. During independent testing, DaVinci EcoBlends measured in a range of 0.26 to 0.34 for solar reflectance and in the range of 0.67 to 0.72 for thermal emittance. Depending on our home’s overall performance in the ENERGY STAR blower test and the efficiency of our spray foam insulation, the roof tiles can only add to our overall performance. We are insulating the entire roof deck to an R-51 (toasty or cool depending on the season) and DaVinci will maximize our roof’s performance. roof-tiles-up-close


The installation team from Cape Cod Roofing in Wareham, MA, has been installing the DaVinci roof and their work will be tested and measured as well.


The tiles have a 70 plus year lifespan and can be 100% recycled at end of their lifecycle. This is and will be the only roof we put on this house.

The house is so close to being buttoned up and you can really see the vision of our design and all our effort. We’re also really starting to see all of the beauty that the roof design and the perfect roof tiles are adding to the house.

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  1. Great post!

    The Trimline Building Products web site offers a unique tool that allows users to create their own dream homes. Users can test out Distinction Composite Roofing products on sample homes by changing the color of roofing and siding.

  2. YAA Adding this to my bookmarks. Thank You

  3. As a
    Seattle roofing contractor
    I appreciate this kind of information. Please count me in as a new fan of this
    Blog. Thank You!

    • B&J Roofing –

      Thanks for the comment – our goal is to assist both homeowners and those in the building industry with all things green. Keep reading!

  4. Congratulations on your beautiful home and the choice of an environmentally friendly roofing solution.

    Its funny how so many people think that asphalt roofs are the only type of roofing available out there. We’ve been educating people for years about stone coated steel roofing. But unfortunately, the majority of people still don’t have a clue.

    You have done an excellent job in extolling the virtues of environmentally friendly energy efficient roofing alternatives.

    Thank you

  5. As a Roof repair and new roof installation company in Seattle Wa we look to stay ahead on roofing products. Your article regarding roofing tiles was done som well we had to say thank you. Hope 2010 is a great year for your roofing business!

  6. I am a fan of Green roofing technology. Great to see you guys helping to promote and inform about it.Yes, it is true green roofing technology increasingly very rapidly. It provides clean environment, better storm water management, reducing greenhouse gas emissions, and developing more usable green spaces in communities.you tell me the properties of calculating cool roof that is very helpful to me.Thanks!

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