Abby’s Blog: Kid’s Helping the Earth – Barbie Sends a Message for Earth Day

My mom came home with a new video for me to watch this week, she said it had a good message about taking care of the earth.


The DVD, Barbie Presents Thumbelina, is about how size doesn’t matter and even those of us who are small can make a difference when it comes to protecting the earth. The movie starts with Barbie taking a group of kids to a park to plant trees and the kids making fun of one small tree, that the smallest girl picked to plant.

Barbie then tells the story of  a “Twillerbee” named Thumbelina whose world, hidden by a field of flowers, is going to be destroyed to make way for a factory that a spoiled girl’s parents are building. Thumbelina and her two friends end up in the girls’ (whose name is Makena) bedroom when she demands her father have a field of tulips transplanted to their apartment in the city. The cast includes  With the help of Thumbelina’s magic and the beauty of nature, Makena goes from being a selfish and indulged child to understanding about true friendship and the importance of helping others.

These are the three things I learned from the movie. First, we should plant flowers and trees because they are good for the earth. Second, size doesn’t matter. Just because you are small, whether you are a person or a tree, you are important in this world. Three, Thimblebee babies are born in tulips in the spring and you should take really good care of them. You can watch the movie trailer on YouTube here.

The DVD also has some fun extra features that can help kids understand the importance of recycling

I also got the Barbie Thumbelina doll which came in 100% recyclable packaging. To celebrate Earth To celebrate Earth Month, Barbie is challenging kids across the country to do something. The first 1,000 people who visit to enter will receive a free packet of Thumbelina flower seeds. For your seeds, you can click go to to make a difference.

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