Keepin it green and clean in Beijing

Remember when Beijing took those drastic measures to clean up their polluted air because they wanted to host the Olympics so bad? Well even though I don’t think hosting the Olympics is the best reason to make the air you breath cleaner, (a better reason being your lungs, or avoiding planetary destruction), I’m still glad they put in the effort. And guess what! It’s still working! Yep, China’s skies are looking a little bluer these days, actually, the bluest they’ve been in about a decade! But its not all due to getting ready for the Olympics. While they’re still enforcing some of the traffic bans that brought the city to Olympic air standards, experts are saying that its partly caused by the economic turn down that’s causing the unintentional closing of coal fired power plants (closing of these power plants was also instated to prepare for the Olympics, but it was supposed to be temporary).

(Satellite image of Beijing particulate pollution before the Olympics)

Some might think that would be considered a down side, but for me, its a little bit of proof. Proof that the government can take control of the ridiculous pollution that these companies cause and guess what, it DOES make a difference! The work it will take to find environmentally friendly alternatives and to implement them will replace the jobs lost and then some. Its win win people! If you want to help sway our governments decision making, checkout the We Campaign’s brain child, Repower America. They send you updates about the green goings-on in the government, and offer petitions to add your name to. Basically they do all the work and you add your name to it, but hey, every name counts! To find out more about Beijing’s awesome clean up check out MSNBC. And props to Ecogeek for spreading the word, lets keep up the positive reinforcement!


Posted by: Ashley (intern)


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