Clear2Go Water Bottles

clear2go-11We all know that plastic water bottles are detrimental to our environment. We’ve all seen the Brita commercials (“30 minutes in a meeting, forever in a landfill”). Over the past few years, we have seen a major move towards reusable water bottles among eco-conscious water lovers.

If you are like me and live in an area where the tap water isn’t hazardous but comes equipped with an awful taste, a water filtration system is a must. In my household, we use Brita. The filters last us several months, and the water tastes great.

But when we’re on the go, it isn’t exactly feasible to bring a whole pitcher of water with us. That’s why I was intrigued when the kind folks over at Clear2GoTM recently sent me one of their revolutionary water bottles.

Upon first glance, it looks just like a typical sport bottle, but when you open it up, it is anything but.

Clear2Go’s built-in water filter can filter up to 100 gallons of water (equivalent to 757 bottles of water), inexpensive replacement filters are available too. Its NanoCeram NASA-derived filter technology reduces harmful tap water contaminants like aesthetic chlorine, cryptosporidium, giardia and many more.

clear2go-21After reading up on the product, I decided to put it to the test. My home’s tap water isn’t great. It isn’t harmful (according to the city), but it has a strong taste that isn’t yummy to me at all. I performed three different taste tests:

1) Regular tap water
2) Water filtered through a Brita filter
3) Water filtered through the Clear2Go water bottle

I have been an avid Brita water drinker ever since I moved to Rhode Island six years ago, and have become quite keen to the taste of its water, so I was interested to see how Clear2Go would compare. I stomached through the tap water, then “cleansed my palate” with the Brita water, and then it was on to the Clear2Go water. I was pleasantly surprised at how refreshing and clean the Clear2Go water tasted. It was just as good, if not better than my Brita water.

I always keep a bottle of water in my car (I reuse the same bottle) but now, the Clear2Go will always be by my side. I no longer have to find filtered water or spend money on plastic bottles again. Woohoo!

The Clear2Go water bottle costs between $14.99 to $17.99, while the average cost of drinking my recommended daily amount of water using bottled water costs $1,400 a year. That is an incredible savings!

Suggested Retail Price:
Reusable Water Bottle – $14.99-$17.99
One Two-Pack Replacement Filter – $9.99-$10.99

Clear2Go can be purchased at grocery stores, mass merchants, sporting good chains, bike shops, convenience stores, drug store chains and online.

Posted by: Lauren


9 Responses

  1. Reusable and environmentally friendly bottles like these are great especially with your own tap or filtered water. Bottled water should eventually disappear.

  2. now there is that fact that plastic bottles are toxic, what about this one?

    • Bleh – setting this as a comment in reply to yours kat so you get the notification :p.

      It’s stated as ‘BPA free’ so it should be safe kat.

  3. It’s stated as ‘BPA free’ so it should be safe kat.

  4. I like the idea of a filtered water bottle, BPA free.
    My concern is that the mouth piece is not cover ed
    for sanitary reasons. Why not?

  5. I’ve tried 2 of these bottles and they both, after just one day of use, started leaking through the threads where the top attaches to the bottle…

    Save your money, and spend it on eBay on a Brita Fill And Go Sports bottle and filters.

    • Hi ClintonHammond —

      We appreciate your feedback on the bottles, and thank you for reading our blog.

      I just want to let our readers know that I have been using this bottle since my review last April and have not had any issues with leaking.

      Thanks, Lauren

  6. Try a water bobble! The concept is the same and is 100% bpa free. The bobble is only $9.95 and the design is awesome. It lasts for about 3 months and they sell replacement filters. Does not leak. My 2,4 and 5 year olds carry them around all day long. No more bottled water purchases for my family. I believe that the bobble will be available at most big retail stores soon, or just go to

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